If I make a recording on an iPad can I not send it to a place that a pc user can access it without a fee?

I am used to using my pc laptop in teaching music lessons. I can make a recording using sound recorder, save it as an mp3 and my students bring a flashdrive whereby they can take the music with them when they leave and use it at home. I'd like to use the iPad mini for this but - no usb, no sound recorder, some students aren't apple customers. I guess I could use Garage Band a record a "song" but how do I send it to students? If they don't have iCloud access what other cloud could I use that would be accessible for them without paying a fee? If I can't answer these questions I guess I'll need to stay with my pc.

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    Hi, Sarah

    I think it is possible to use your iPad as a tool to help you communicate with your students easier, yes, no fee.
    About the sound, you can always purchase a high quality Broadcast Micro designed for iPad and Garage Band like the Apogee MiC (iPad mini uses the new lighting connector, you need the 30 pin to lightning adapter to use the MiC). And you have the iPad and the microphone as the recording machine.
    USB, I think you don't really need it. when you finish recording a song, you can export it to your computer (export to iTunes) then you can export the mp3 file from iTunes on your computer, use it as you do normally, share it. Or you can share the song by email easily.

    Good luck.

    • Answered by Long N from Cincinnati
    • Jan 31, 2013