im in high school, would the ipad 2 or ipad mini be better for me?

I want to get an ipad either ipad2 or ipad mini I will mostly use it for fun (surfing the web social media, and a few games) but I will take it school and carry it around for if I ever need it. please help!

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    Ok listen , i was searching and asking to get an ipad retina display or mini ipad my mom said : just think how and when and WILL i use it i said i think ill get mini for little researches for school and some games and plus,i could put it in my backpack easily and its lighter if we are talking about weight . But all my friends said the mini ipad is useless compared to a normal ipad but now i know what ill get and u should get the mini one too or wait till mini retina display comes out ;)

    You are welcome :)

    • Answered by Youssef A from Alexandria
    • Aug 12, 2013