I'm torn wether to get the just wifi or wifi+4G. I was told I'll never use the 4G because there is wifi and hotspots everywhere we go.

Is it worth paying an extra $129 for the "just in case" I wan to use the iPad and internet is not available?

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    This all depends on what you will use the iPad for, and how much you are willing to spend. The truth is that there is wifi everywhere now, and you could get away with just wifi, but if you want to be able to get on the internet in the car, or if you find a place that doesn't to get access in a place that does not have wifi, or if you are willing to spring the extra $120, then get the 4g. Its great to just have just in case you need it. The iPad does not have a contract, so you can just activate the 4g when you need it, on a month to month basis, so it can't hurt if you end up getting the 4g model.

    • Answered by Jeremy K from Hilliard
    • Mar 30, 2012
  • yes t is worth it but don't forget u also have to buy a data plan that costs between $15-$30 attest depending on your carrier. if u don't travel a lot or use it o the go much than u won't need 4G. $g is made for people that travel a lot such s business men. in my opinion don't pay all that money "just in case" u might need.

    • Answered by David T from Wilmington
    • Mar 30, 2012