iMac(+iPad) or MacBook Pro?

I am a Junior in High School, I am quickly approaching Graduation and College. I have been stuck between picking the portability of the MacBook Pro and the power of the iMac. I should state that I like gaming and have a vlog that I have to edit. So that I can still be portable in College, I was thinking about getting a iPad in conjunction with the iMac. I would take the iPad with me to classes, to take notes, and to the library for on the go studying. With that I would do most of my gaming, video editing, and scholarly stuff on the iMac. On the other hand I would just take the MBP with me everywhere, and do everything on it, however I am a little concerned about the capabilities of it for playing games and video editing. Any Suggestions for what the best pick is for a extreme gamer, vloger, and College?

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    I'd say go with the Macbook Pro. I myself have a 2011 Macbook Pro with a 2.2Ghz i7 & AMD 6750M 1GB dedicated graphics card. I primarily use this for music work (Music Tech student) so running audio software, which can be quite demanding on the Mac, as well as general use (word processing, internet, listening to music, etc).
    Up to now, I've used a gaming PC I built, for all my gaming needs but seeing as I am off to uni next month, taking a massive water cooled gaming PC with me to student accommodation doesn't seem like an excellent idea... It's just too big and excessive.
    Therefore, I installed Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro through Boot Camp and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised with it's gaming performance. Now this is at the 15" resolution of 1440x900 (I haven't got round to trying it on a 1080p 21" monitor that I'll be using at Uni)... It runs Battlefield 3 on medium settings perfectly, there's no graphics lag and there's always a smooth FPS rate. I don't know if it'll handle high settings as I simply haven't tried them but the new 2012 Macbook Pro's have the Nvidia GT 650M which is a faster GPU than the AMD 6750M, so there should be no problem there. I've transferred my steam account over and the Macbook runs every game I throw at it; Mass effect 3, Skyrim, Dead space 2, Crysis 2, Portal 2, the list goes on.

    One thing to note is that the Macbook Pro will get hot during these gaming sessions and the fans usually spin up to full speed to keep cool air running through the computer. This would also happen with an iMac as they simply don't have as efficient cooling as a desktop computer. So long as you keep it well ventilated and use a pair of headphones/turn up the volume, it doesn't pose a problem.

    • Answered by Michael B
    • Sep 1, 2012
  • I'm currently facing a similar decision, I have the ipad 4 and I'm going away to school soon and I can't decide between the imac or MacBook Pro retina. I have pages and keynote on my ipad so I could use it in class and all my notes and presentations would sync via iCloud to my Mac which sounds really nice... Also the imac has such a nice big screen with 1TB and fusion drive it is very tempting

    • Answered by Bradley S from Thunder Bay
    • May 18, 2013