Inviting opinions about use of ipad (or ipad mini) for extended writing (compared with writing on a laptop/notebook)?

I am a writer with an older model Macbook Pro, considering an more portable and lightweight option for writing.

I suspect my best option is a Macbook Air or the new lighter (solid state) Macbook Pro with retina display, (neither of which I am ready to buy at the moment, since my older (2010) macbook pro is still going strong with its new 750 GB HD, purchased end of '12). Very likely, I will be purchasing one of the above in a year or two.

In the meantime, I wonder about going really portable and lightweight with something in the ipad family. I am concerned that if I wind up getting a keyboard anyway, I might as well have a laptop. Not sure how effective and potentially how tiring it would be to write on the touch keypad.

Would welcome opinions from those who do a lot of writing.

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