iPad Air or Mini Retina

Hi I have a ipad 3 and I thought it's time to update my device. The question is which one: ipad air or mini retina. Currently I'm interested in both.
I like watching movies and browsing the web, which I think the mini retina is perfect for me.
However, I also use my ipad to draw with stylus, so it would make sense if I get an ipad air.

I haven't really play around with mini because I can't draw on it (no drawing app in the displayed ipad mini at apple store)
For me I like the portability that mini has but I'm afraid that it would be too small to draw. Ipad 3 and ipad air are almost the same size and sometime too bunny to bring places. I read in posts that mini can be annoying to because you have to zoom in and out a lot in some tasks.

What should I get?

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    If art is the most important aspect of your iPad, then I would go with the Air for screen size. Watching movies and browsing the web will be even bigger, and you're already used to the 10" screen of your iPad 3.

    • Answered by Jeremy W from Boise
    • Dec 18, 2013
  • Hi, I went from the I Pad 5 to the I Pad mini last year..I find it so amazing, I never leave the house without it..do no find it small at all, actually I don' t even remember what the larger one looked like..mind you I am 70 years old so not a super tech..but just in love with it!

    • Answered by Cristina S
    • Aug 5, 2014
  • For anyone else who has this same concern, I can tell you from experience that the iPad Air will be better for drawing. I love my iPad mini with Retina, BUT it is a huge pain to draw with. I only draw on it for fun, using apps like Paper53 and Procreate. I even have the paper53 stylus to use with these apps. They are fun to use on the mini, but I know that there is NO WAY I could use the mini for professional drawing. The larger screen size on the iPad Air would definitely be necessary for drawing-- the mini is more useful for casual uses like games, ebooks, and web browsing [which is what I mainly use mine for]. Drawing is really the only thing that I think would make the Air more useful than the mini, in every other aspect I would recommend the mini.

    • Answered by Tiffany P from Lexington
    • Jul 31, 2014
  • Okay, I currently own both the iPad mini 2nd gen and the iPad Air 1st gen. I thought a lighter and smaller iPad was better, NOT!!! Hands down its the iPad Air.

    • Answered by Denisha Y from Bear
    • Nov 17, 2014
  • For me i'll choose ipad air because it is big and you can read the letters clearly. If you had a problem of bringing ipad air in other places, you can buy an ipad cover with sling. But you can choose your own choice,if you are more comfortable on ipad air or mini with retina.

    • Answered by Dandreb C from Agusan Del Sur
    • Apr 29, 2014