iPad mini or iPad 3?

OK. So I'm going to college in the fall, & I'm choosing to buy an iPad for school. I'm going to Community College part time, & I'm planning on getting an iPad, wireless keyboard, & stylus so I can either write notes or type them, get eTextbooks, etc. Now I would just like to know which tablet would be better for school. I like the portability of the iPad Mini but I like the screen size of the iPad 3. Also, I would be buying the iPad Mini new, but the iPad 3 refurbished from Apple. I currently have an iPhone 4, 160 GB iPod Classic, Apple TV, & I've owned almost every generation of iPods & iPhones so I'm no stranger to Apple products. I've also been using my dads 1st gen. iPad recently, and my mom has the iPad 2. I like them both. I'm just wondering what anyone could say which would be the better buy? Thanks!!

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