iPad Mini or iPad regular for school/note taking; which one?

I want to buy an iPad for school. Money is not an issue. However, I don't know which one I should buy. It's primary use will be to take notes. The iPad would fit more notes, but I'm afraid that, if my arm brushes the screen while writing, stray marks will be made and that would be inconvenient. The Mini would solve this issue, but it would hold less notes. Any thoughts?

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    Were you planning on getting the highest capacity iPad available? I'd say that if the primary use is going to be for notes and you're not planning on storing a lot of pictures, music, or videos on the iPad as well then 32 or 64GB would be plenty...128GB would be WAY overkill in that case. Both iPad Mini and iPad Retina come in 32 and 64GB, so space is not something that I'd think would be a deciding factor.

    Do you plan on taking notes by handwriting with a stylus? In that case it's true that you'd be less likely to brush the screen with your arm, but might I suggest using an app like Notes or Pages to type out your notes instead as it would likely be much easier to not only take notes, but they'd likely also be easier to read.

    I'd say a worthwhile investment for either iPad would be a keyboard for it if you plan on taking notes as even as nice as the touch screen is for typing it doesn't compare to the speed and accuracy achievable by a physical keyboard (at least for me).

    The main things that I think you should worry about when choosing one over the other are screen size and weight. You will be able to see what you type more easily on the iPad Retina, but the Mini will be a lot lighter.

    • Answered by Joshua R from League City
    • Jul 18, 2013
  • I am in the same issue. I have read a lot. I am planning to replace all my college notebooks with an ipad, I just cant decide wheter the mini or the regular one.

    The thing is that for me Money IS an issue. my budget is $500 and it has to include the jotscript and if it's possible a smart cover, if I but the mini all will be fine and within the budget.

    My concern is that at the time I take my notes, it wont work well, as Engineering student I have to take a lot of notes, formulas and several other things.

    Can someone give me hint whether is wort to spend all the budget on getting the regular ipad due to the screen size or the ipad mini will work good for the note taking?

    • Answered by Emmanuel O from Managua
    • May 30, 2014
  • It all depends on you and how much you want to pay for it! You can get a protective case for your Ipad as well! See I have an IPad 64 GB and it works fine!

    • Answered by Cody H from Phoenix
    • Jul 15, 2013