is an ipad mini and ipad 3rd generation the same device?!

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    The iPad 4th Generation (Unless you can get an iPad 3rd Generation from another supplier) has got a new Apple A6X Chip which is 2x the processing power, 2x the Graphics power and a new Image Signal Processor, improved Wi-Fi to 8.0.11a/b/c&n and new LTE networks added if you want the Cellular version and is a 9.7 inch Retina Display Screen.

    The iPad mini has a Apple A5 Chip, Dual-core processor, so will have the same aspects of the iPad 2 but in a smaller version of a 7.9" screen, redesigned by Apple. The screen on the iPad mini isn't a Retina Display though.

    It's what you're mainly going to be using your iPad for. If its for heavy graphics, designing, creating and Keynotes the iPad 4th Generation is your best option.

    If its just for general browsing on the internet, or just games, little bit of work on Pages, Numbers (not Keynote) then the iPad mini is good for on the go as it is thin and light for you to take with you anywhere.

    • Answered by Josh R
    • Jan 6, 2013
  • No, there are a few aspects that differ in the Ipad 3rd and the ipad mini, most notably is the size of the tablets screen. The Ipad is almost a ten inch screen were as the mini screen a lot less. Some of the other items too are the ipad mini is not a retina display and the processor I believe are different. Last not least, the Ipad mini uses the new Lightening connector instead of the older 30pin connector that most people are used to.

    • Answered by Todd B from Hudson
    • Dec 28, 2012