Is it possible to change my iPad from Wifi version to 4G version with supplementary payment?

I have been using my new iPad for a while and found very inconvenient without the 3G or 4G network ability. I hope to change my iPad from Wifi to 4G version. I don't know whether I can do this or not?

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    If you bought the wifi only version of the iPad, you cannot change it to the 4g version. the only way to get the 4g would be to buy a new iPad and sell your current iPad. If you haven't used your current iPad very much and still have all of the stuff that came with it, you can try to return it to the apple store (or where ever you bought it) or you can sell it online on Amazon or eBay.

    • Answered by Jeremy K from Hilliard
    • Jun 2, 2012