Is it worth upgrading from ipad 2 to ipad 4

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    Should you upgrade if you have an original iPad...
    The iPad 4 is the perfect upgrade choice for owners of the original iPad. Computers tend to have a lifespan of 3-5 years, with tablets and smartphones tending to be changed out every 2-4 years. While only two-and-a-half years since the original iPad's release, the iPad 4 represents three generations of iPad between it and the original.

    The iPad 4 has superior processing power, more internal memory dedicated to running applications, a Retina Display that represents one of the best displays in a tablet and the ability to sign on to 4G LTE networks. It also has dual cameras, videoconferencing software built in, access to Siri and the ability to do voice dictation.
    And with iOS 6.0, Apple has decided to move on from the original iPad. The latest operating system doesn't support the first iPad, and as time goes on, some apps may also drop support for it.

    Should you upgrade if you have an iPad 2...
    For those with an iPad 2, the choice is a little more difficult. The iPad 4 is definitely a great upgrade. It is much faster, has better front-facing and back-facing cameras and it has the Retina Display, so graphics are much more crisp and clear than on the iPad 2. It also supports Siri and voice dictation, which is a great addition.
    But bear in mind that the graphics and processing power of the iPad 2 are the same as that which is found in the iPad Mini. This means Apple expects the iPad 2 to be quite a capable tablet for at least 2 more years. So while it is a good upgrade, you should have no fears that your iPad 2 is soon to be extinct. In fact, Apple plans to continue selling the iPad 2.

    Should you upgrade if you have an iPad 3...
    The iPad 4 has twice the performance of the iPad 3 and the support for dual-band Wi-Fi is nice for those who have routers that support the technology, but neither of these represent a good reason to upgrade. The iPad 3 is fast and has all of the same basic features of the iPad 4.

    • Answered by Sonya C
    • Jul 30, 2013