Is the apple care+, for the iPad, worth it?

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    Definitely So... Apples 1 year limited warranty basically covers the hardware due a possible manufacturing defect. IE: Defective Battery, Power Adapter shorting out, Possible loose construction etc... and while this warranty it good, the odds are better that someone might bump you and cause you to drop the iPad...and not on the corner of the device but right on the middle of the screen and now you have a great device with a cracked screen that isn't covered.

    BUT if you have Applecare Protection + (don't forget the plus), then not only can you talk to an applecare support team member about any technical or apple related issue anytime for an additional 2 + years (From the purchase of your device) you will also be able to have have your iPad replaced for a much lower price than without the Protection Plan. $79.00 with the plan (think of it as a deductible, per se) to $600-$700 for a new device without the plan.

    And don't forget WATER DAMAGE.. Yes, that is covered under accidental damage as well... The plan covers (I believe) two instances to repair the device under an accidental repair request. Two more than without the Applecare Protection Plan+

    • Answered by Jonathan L from Yukon
    • Jul 21, 2012
  • yes, so worth it. it gives you complete peace of mind if you break you iPad or your just having a problem with it you can't fix yourself. it is so worth it u should get it.

    • Answered by David T from Wilmington
    • Apr 3, 2012
  • Actually the fee is $49 dollars, and covers liquid of physical damage, the only thing is that it does not cover lost or stolen devices. It does give you one additional year of hardware warranty, and phone support through out the duration of your coverage. So yes it is worth it, in my opinion.

    • Answered by Nikkita V from Las Cruces
    • Apr 7, 2013
  • Absolutely. My iPad slid out of my computer bag and onto the floor. It didn't even fall, it just slid out of the side pocket and hit the floor across the entire bottom edge. This cracked the screen. Had it replaced. No big deal. I just backed up to iCloud, reset the iPad, took it into the Apple Store and they gave me a replacement. It's an insurance policy well worth paying for.

    • Answered by Rob W from Stateline
    • Jan 10, 2014