is there a good stylus available for iPad?

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    After trying all the recomended stylus over the last year none of which lasted any time at all I saw an article in the Sunday Times that suggested a new pen - "Stabilo SMARTball"
    Its a ball point pen and a stylus in one. Available for righthanded people and left.
    Reads the instructions ( to use a pen? I hear you cry) as its important to hold the thing properly. in a few moments it becomes second nature. The stylus end is harder than those awful rubber ends that disintergrate. Cost around £6.50 at Amazon. or £10 in the shops. Although it has never happened to me, I am told that if the pen gets too hot then the ink leaks, but then this is true of all ballpoints. It was my favorite small gift last Christmas and so well recieved.

    • Answered by John B
    • Jan 16, 2013