Is there an Ipad 4th generation AND and Ipad Mini or is the Ipad mini the 4th generation?

I am confused. If they did come out with a 4th gen full size Ipad, then did they remove the specs for the Ipad 3 yet leave the Ipad 2 specs up? Trying to determine if I want to upgrade but I don't think the Ipad 3 is listed under the compare models. Is it even worth the upgrade?

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    iPad 4th generation and iPad mini are two different products announced during the same Apple special event on Oct 23.
    Compared to iPad 3, iPad 4 has better processor (A6X) and new Lighting connector.

    • Answered by Robert S from Brunswick West
    • Oct 29, 2012
  • there is an Ipad 4 called Ipad with retina display
    and an Ipad mini

    • Answered by Kareem S from 6 October
    • Jan 2, 2013