MacBook Air or iPad?

The thing is I am a college student and I come across with lots of assignments and research to do. I also use up a large storage of music, photos and videos, since I edit them and like playing with photo/video editing tools. Not a fan of games at all. I am about to purchase either MacBook Air or iPad, although I am not sure which one to choose.

From my point of view iPad is more portable and has a camera installed and a wifi-4G makes it easier to use on the go. I also fancy great apps for it, which are not popular for the Air. It also does not have an installed camera.
On the other hand, Air has a keyboard and it's mouse use which makes it easier to type and see the document fully.

I would most grateful if any of you could help me make a choice as I am ready to pay if it's worth it. Appreciate any advice.

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  • HI im a 22 year old apprentice in aircraft engineering and i own both the ipad and the macbook air and cant see how the two devices get put into the same catagory.

    I basically use the macbook air as a desktop using features as icloud and airprint at home but when im in work on assisgnments i use my ,ipad as i need to take pictures and type up aircraft procedures on the job. Then i email the assignments to my assessor the same working shift, where as other wise i would have to hand write the assignment take pictures of work done on a camera/ phone then arrange a meeting with my assessor which could take up to a week .

    so i say if you need a machine to do field work or research go for ..iPad..

    I also use alot of accessories with the iPad if that helps for example i am using the apple bluetooth keyboard to type this, The iRig for guitars is helpfull on garage band.

    my overall awnser is the iPad is an amazing machine that will do everyithing and it will be done easier if you buy the additional acessories, but if you are doing any thing serious for exampl video editing/ music editing you shouldnt be doing them on a macbook air any way you shouldbe doing it on a mac book pro.

    You say you do a lot of documents then pages makes documents look fantastic with all of its templates and styles and intergrates with word a dream.

    if you go and buy a iPad go full spec or you will be dissapointed.

    • Answered by Stephen B
    • Sep 15, 2012
  • Best Answer:

    MacBook Air or desktops are better than iPads for creating documents especially if a high standard of formatting, pagination and presentation are required, where the bigger the screen the better.

    MacBook Air
    Good for quality documents and for several documents open at the same time,
    Better than iPad for spreadsheets.

    Document creativity limited
    No grammar check.
    Cumbersome correction methodolgy of mistakes in text.
    Cannot have several documents open at the same time.
    Takes a little longer to type because of 3 images for the keyboard.
    Cannot format emails to a high standard.

    Very easy and pleasuarble to use for emails, Internet, photos, music and Apps.

    • Answered by Jane H from Cairns
    • Sep 6, 2012
  • I have an iPad and ordered a new Retina Mac, but I can tell you that an iPad is not a replacement for a Macbook, or any laptop for that matter.

    What I can tell you is, they can be used to supplement each other.

    If you get the iPad, you can tunnel into a Remote Desktop Connection to a laptop at home and it will be as if you are sitting inf front of your computer at home. I do this and it is pretty sweet. Consider the iPad a portable desktop, if you have the technical know-how to set this up securely.

    If you get the MBA, you can run the iPad emulator on it, if I am not mistaken. I believe paying the $99 Apple Developer fee to create an Apple Developer Account allows you to run emulators on the Mac. If you do this, you could - in theory - have all the access you want to iPad apps. And, if you used your real Apple ID when buying the apps, you would be able to buy an iPad at a later day and be all set to go with the apps already bought. No need to purchase them twice.

    I hope this helps!

    • Answered by Nicholas Y
    • Aug 26, 2012
  • If you have lots of assignments to do and use up a lot of storage you are better off buying a macbook air.
    Reason 1
    It is easier to do your homework tasks on a laptop and some things you can't edit on a ipad. like work document and excel and powerpoint.
    Reason 2
    The mac book air comes with a standed128gb of memory so you can store your music with no trouble and you can Also upgrade it to 256 or 512 gb.
    Reason 3
    The mac book air comes with free garage band, i photo and i movie which you all have to buy for 10.50 here in australia in the app store.

    i think you should buy the macbook air although it cost a bit more

    • Answered by Andrew C from Canberra
    • Dec 16, 2013