MacBook Air or iPad?

The thing is I am a college student and I come across with lots of assignments and research to do. I also use up a large storage of music, photos and videos, since I edit them and like playing with photo/video editing tools. Not a fan of games at all. I am about to purchase either MacBook Air or iPad, although I am not sure which one to choose.

From my point of view iPad is more portable and has a camera installed and a wifi-4G makes it easier to use on the go. I also fancy great apps for it, which are not popular for the Air. It also does not have an installed camera.
On the other hand, Air has a keyboard and it's mouse use which makes it easier to type and see the document fully.

I would most grateful if any of you could help me make a choice as I am ready to pay if it's worth it. Appreciate any advice.

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