My children have an i pod - should I get them an ipad mini? What can the mini do the ipod can't?

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    i m getting an ipad mini for my children because they are having trouble concentrating on the mini screen of ipod touch. Playing on smaller screen is causing strain in their eyes. So, for their eyes sake, i m getting ipad mini. Along comes great camera and Siri ofcourse.

    • Answered by Ankur A
    • Nov 4, 2012
  • the iPod has retina display, which is clearer and more high-definition than the iPad, the ipod comes in many different colors while the ipad has only 2, but then ipad has a much bigger screen and it has the A6X processor while ipod has only the A5. if your children like reading e-books then the ipad is for them but if they want to play hand-held games then the ipod is suitable.

    • Answered by Kevin C
    • Nov 6, 2012