my daughter has a kindle that only lasted 13 months (piece of junk)..... can she do all the same things on ipad? can she access her kindle stuff?

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    There is a Kindle app, but with better experience, there's a free iBooks app, personally much better than Kindle. If she's thinking of getting an iPad, I strongly suggest it. My sister had her iPad 2 for 2 years and mine (iPad 3) is having its first anniversary on June 3rd, and still works like a charm and has a very smooth experience and AMAZING apps, better than on Android tablets. Worth it!

    • Answered by Blaz S
    • May 20, 2013
  • Yes, of course, all she needs to do is download the kindle app and sign into her kindle account( only takes like a minute) fir this sort of stuff and games I recommend the iPad 2( you have get them refurbished for soooo much cheaper. Hope I helped:)

    • Answered by Josh K
    • May 20, 2013
  • Yes you can, she would have to download kindle for Ipad! See I have a kindle and an IPad! I prefer to read Ebooks on my Ipad!

    • Answered by Cody H from Phoenix
    • May 19, 2013