my daughter is turning 9 and wants a laptop. our family has 5 apple products. Would a Ipad be better for her and why?

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    The iPad would be great for her. The iPad has a very easy interface that is great for kids. There are many interactive games that she can play on the iPad, which tend to be more fun than computer games. There are also many drawing apps which let you draw with your finger or stylus, which is also more fun than drawing with a mouse. If she also wants to get some school work done, like typing, the App Store has a wide range of word processing apps, and the iPad can connect to any Bluetooth keyboard. It is also much easier to surf the internet with the iPad. The iPad also offers more security, and has parental controls available. Over all, the iPad would be a better option for her because it is a more welcoming environment for a nine year old.

    • Answered by Jeremy K from Hilliard
    • Jun 3, 2012