My laptop is not a mac. How different is using an ipad?

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    Using your PC with an iPod Touch or iPad is doable, but you must have access to WiFi. I do not have a WiFi hot spot available in my apartment, so I purchased a router (PassPort) from Apple, and the iPod and iPad work fine. I use iTunes for PC and iCloud. I can make purchases on my PC, and it will download to my iDevices. I think it has extra steps - not as smooth as with an iMac computer, but since I already have a PC with all the accessories and software, I am not about to trade it all in to buy new stuff. Call Apple, and they will help you set it all up. They are very good with that. They even walked me through setting up my router to my modem (for Cablevision and Optimum online).

    • Answered by Judy R from Bronx
    • Nov 8, 2012
  • To give you a bit of help I'll give you a comparison.
    Using a PC compared to a Mac is basically like driving a car in the United States on right hand side of the road compared to driving a car in Europe on the left hand side of the road. To put in plainly using an Apple product compared to a PC things might seem a bit backwards at first but don't worry. I used to be a PC user then I switched to Mac and even though it took a bit to catch on at first I will never go back to PC! Apple just makes sense!

    Since your talking an ipad and not a Mac you basically just have to understand how to work a touch screen. Believe me, they are desperately simple. You might have to do a lil manual reading but if you've done much work with electronics you'll be just fine!!

    • Answered by Danielle B from Drake
    • Nov 6, 2012
  • Very simple. You'll catch on pretty quick. Everything is pretty easy to figure out, and if you can't, just google it and you'll find a bunch of answers on how to do what you're trying to figure out. You can also go into an apple store and get hands on lessons on how to do certain things.

    • Answered by Andrew J
    • Nov 10, 2012
  • Well using the ipad safari (internet) will make it so much simple to surf the web and you will be able to zoom in in almost any web page

    • Answered by Ale C from Monterrey
    • Nov 8, 2012