pro vs air for high school student use?

hi, I'm considering buying a MacBook hopefully this year, it"ll mainly be used at home for assignments and facebook/tumblr hahah, I am within a budget (around 1000-1300 $) just hoping for some advice on wether I should go for a pro or air? Much appreciated!

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    A MacBook Pro will give you more hard drive space for music, videos, and occasional school work. A MacBook Air will give you a solid state hard drive with not as much space. The advantage to a Solid State Drive (SSD) is that it is super fast, provides very fast start up time and is not susceptible to bumps and normal wear and tear that a normal hard drive would have. If it were me, I'd go with a MacBook Pro 13". Its a bit smaller screen, but its lighter and a little cheaper than a 15" MacBook Pro.

    • Answered by Dan M from New York
    • Sep 14, 2012
  • I have had my MBP 15" since they first appeared on the market. I love it, but it is so darn heavy AND slippery that I have dropped it a couple of times, even sending it bouncing one corner after the other across the living room. It still works! It is a work horse. I take it everywhere, but I hate the weight. Now I'm looking for something new and am thinking how much I would love a lighter machine. I am seriously considering an all-out bells and whistles MBP 15" without the Retina display but the more I read about the Air, the more it appeals to me. I do everything except photos on my MBP. For fancy work on photos, I send those that need work to my husband whose Mac desktop can do anything. Maybe some of the answers you get will help me. Good luck!

    • Answered by Patricia M from Marengo
    • Sep 30, 2012
  • I would go for the Air. Its fast, light and does everything you want. Its not like you will be using any heavy usage apps and the new 2013 MBA has the new has well processor, so everything will be super fast.

    Hope it helps

    • Answered by Josh K from Dubai
    • Nov 14, 2013
  • Well, If you have a budget from 100-1300, I would go for the Macbook Air 13-Inch (I have the 13-Inch, its the best Mac I've ever had), It starts at $1,099.00. Which is a good price for that. If you want to go a little cheaper, go with the 11-Inch Macbook Air, as it starts from 999.00, The 11-Inch is a little smaller than the 13-Inch. Macbook Air is the cheapest Mac, and Peronsally better than the Pro.

    • Answered by Shirley H from Watertown
    • Feb 9, 2014