Q: What type of iPad is best to play a lot of games,read, take pics & videos, business , & games for kids to play, 5yr old autistic, 8yr old ADHD?

I enjoy playing fb games when I'm board or while waiting for my eldest to finish a test, I home-school, or play music. I also enjoy reading and the ability to carry a ton of books with just one little device is wonderful. I am a consultant with Pampered Chef and Lilla Rose. I'd like to be able to have a device at the shows I do for people to be able to pay right there so I don[t have to worry about their credit card information being on paperwork and somehow misplaced or whatever else could happen.
My eldest has ADHD so he gets board quickly and bounces all over if he doesn't get a break. My youngest is autistic, and will be taught in public school if possible, and it is very hard to keep him entertained. It makes it easier while waiting in a DR office for them to play a game on my iPhone or while traveling it cuts down the fighting. However, I've only one iPhone, that's quickly running out of space, and getting an iPad seems like a logical choice.

Could someone advise me or help me choose what to get?

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