security for iPad2?

which anti virus you recommend for iPad2?

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    You don't need an antivirus for the iPad. It already comes with built in defences to stop attacks and malicious websites. Although, it is vulnerable to tracking cookies but these can be easily removed by navigating to Settings, Safari and then clear cookies and data.

    • Answered by Ben F
    • Jan 11, 2013
  • If you have other Apple items such as laptops and the desktop computer then you can make use of Intego's Antivirus package which includes a scanning programme for any of your Apple portables such as Ipads and Iphones.

    I have used Intego's antivirus and find its not too intrusive and gives peace of mind.

    Failing that and if you don't want to buy separate antivirus, then follow a few rules. Firstly, don't reply to or open phishing emails. Secondly, only download music from trustworthy sites such as Itunes and not from 'free' download sites which usually fall prey to malware. Thirdly, regularly, back up any content on your Ipad to ensure that, if anything malicious gets onto it, then you won't have lost the content forever. Too many people get caught out with this.

    • Answered by Michelle L
    • Jul 23, 2013