Should I buy the Ipad 2-£329 or Ipad 4 £399?

Looking for a smart and nice device but would like the price to be reasonable but still be up to date.

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    I currently have the iPad 2 and it is a great device. It is £80 cheaper that the iPad 4 but the iPad 4 has much more capabilities than the iPad 2. The iPad 4 has a stunning retina display which is good for an artist or video editor that needs 3.1 million pixels. The iPad 4 has a A5X chip which is up to twice as fast as the iPad 2. Making it great for gaming.
    However, if you are on a budget and don't need the awesome display and the great gaming experience, then go for the iPad 2. It still runs everything great.

    In my opinion, I would save up another £80 for the iPad 4. It will pay off in the end. I

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Ben F
    • Jan 6, 2013
  • It's a no brainer if you can afford the extra £70. The Retina display is tremendous and response is also very fast. Go for the I Pad 4 Retina

    • Answered by Paul N
    • Jan 11, 2013
  • It all depends upon what you are wanting to use the iPad for and your budget.

    If you are a heavy gamer/creative/video maker/photographer then ideally the 4th generation iPad would be suitable for you, with its stunning 9.7" Retina Display with the all new A6X Chip - 2x performance, 2x graphics and a new Image Signal processor, faster and improved Wi-Fi & Cellular its a true powerhouse compared to its predecessor of the 3rd generation.

    If you are just a casual internet browser and don't mind the pixels being visible the iPad 2 would suit with its A5 Dual Core Chip, 9.7" Screen, but for the extra £70 the Retina Display is just awesome.

    The decision is yours, I hope this helps though.

    • Answered by Josh R
    • Jan 6, 2013