Should I buy the iphone or the ipad? I currently have a non-data verizon phone. Help me come up the 21st century!

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    It depends. I have both but everyone fits best for its main "function".
    The iPad is more like a lightweight and "simplified laptop" : the screen is big enough to let you read/write emails, surf the web... the keyboard is almost as big as a real one... but, to me, its not a device I always have with me. The device I always have with me is my iPhone : I can do a lot of things (reading/writing emails, surf the web, edit documents, playing games...). I almost use the iPhone on movement (subway, bus, hanging out with friends) while I pick up my iPad when I'm not on the rush (it doesn't mean I have to be at home to use it, but I need to "sit down"). With the iPad I really appreciate the extra screen space (you can still write a long email on an iPhone but not with the same comfort), surfing the web, editing a document, reading an article, writing something is a much more beautiful experience here.
    With the iPhone I really appreciate the "always with me" factor : are you thinking of this artist you can't remember ? Go on the net right out of your pocket. Are you on the street wondering if that restaurant is still open at midnight ? Just make a phone call. You are new in town and 're looking for the main station ? Let's take a look at google maps.

    The difference (aside the fact that only the iPhone makes phone calls ;-) to me is : are you more like "to go digital" on the way or are you more like to "go digital" while "sitting down" ?
    You can do exactly the same things with both devices (but phone calls on the iPad ;-), as you can see it's more about your kind of usage.

    I hope this helps.

    • Answered by Morris L
    • Apr 11, 2012