Should I get 32g or 64g

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    All depends on how much space you need, and whether or not you can spend the extra $100. The only time you really need a 64GB iPad is if you will be doing a lot of downloads of larger game apps and movie and TV episode downloading in HD from iTunes.

    • Answered by Joseph P from New Rochelle
    • Dec 1, 2012
  • If you play games , and save photo ,I think 64g is better for you . If not , I think 32g is enough .

    • Answered by Ma J from Kuala Lumpur
    • Nov 30, 2012
  • it all depends on what u use it for
    if u just want to put some music and a couple of apps i would go the 32g
    but if u wanted to load it up with videos,pics and lots of apps u will probably need the 64g

    • Answered by Reilly A from Kilmore
    • Nov 30, 2012