Should I get an iPad as a High School student?

I'm a 9th grade High School student, should I get an iPad? And Which one, iPad Air (128 GB) or iPad Mini with Retina Display (128 GB)? I already have the iPhone 5S (16 GB), I was considering getting iPad. I would use it for school-related coursework and personal use (e.g. watching music, surfing the web, etc.).

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    YES! I am also a 9th grader and my school is getting ipads for every student. If I were to suggest an ipad I would suggest the ipad air because of the size it makes it easy to take notes as well as do anyother functions that an ipad should do. Just so you know the ipad air also has retina display. It is also a faster ipad with an A7 card and built in IOS 7. So YES.

    • Answered by Rolf N. N from Saint Paul
    • Sep 3, 2014