Should I get an iPad or a MacBook pro

I am going to community college but I want to be able to download books, write papers, take notes or record them .. I want an iPad but I feel like you need a laptop for college ... So lost ! Please help!!!!!!

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  • I think you can do all those things on a MacBook Pro. I would ask Apple. (They have live chat and even phone for questions). Since you will be going to college, you will be doing a lot of writing, and the MacBook pro would be more comfortable, since it has a keyboard and is easy to set up just by opening it. I have an iPad 2, and while I love the library (I have iBooks, as well as Nook and Kindle applications for my old e-books), I am not sure, but I believe you can use those same applications on an Apple laptop computer. You certainly can take notes with Apple software. The only other thing you would have to ask about is recording notes. Definitely, though, a laptop is more versatile and comfortable for long hours of use at school or work.

    Good luck at school, and enjoy whichever you purchase. Oh...One more thing. I would advise getting the maximum GBs if you get an iPad. I have 32GBs on my iPad, and it ran out of memory just because of two games and an interactive book (Brave, which is beautiful!).

    • Answered by Judy R from Bronx
    • Jun 30, 2013