Should I get the iPad mini retina display? (I have an iPad 4)

I need a smaller and lighter device to bring along with me on my trips and stuff, and I want it to have a decent sized screen. The iPod is too small but the iPad mini is just right. So should I stick with my iPad or buy the mini retina.

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    I had the exact same question. I purchased the original mini last year and returned it because I found that words were not as clear on the mini as they were on my Kindle Reader and IPad 2 (larger screen). I fell in love with the Retina screen and purchased the IPad 4 (I had won the IPad 2 in contest, so I did not sweat paying for a new model at this point.) I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome in both hands and now find the IPad 4 to be too heavy and bulky to carry around, though I still use it at at home all the time. I really wanted a portable mini from day one so I checked out the new Mini Retina the other day and the decision for me was a no brainer. It is so much lighter and smaller. It would fit perfectly in my hands and handbag. I was lucky enough to nab one last night at the local Apple store and I love it. Bottom line - if you can afford it, go for it.

    • Answered by Vivian C from Mahwah
    • Nov 16, 2013