USB stick to ipad

Can I download USB stick information to my ipad

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    Technically you cannot trasfer from usb to iPad, though how every a few options -

    plug usb into a usb adapter with lighting cable found on amazon, but you will need to open them one by one and as long as you have pages, keynote, numbers installed it will work but take time.

    Another hand if you have a windows or mac computer or work / library computer you can create a free google drive or Dropbox account and you can upload or drag and drop it into your cloud account.

    Not sure if you have an icloud account if you can just drag and drop it on a mac you can but not on a pc.

    Once the files all have been uploaded or drag and drop to your cloud account - download that app for your iOS Device and you can view and edit the file from your iPad with no issue.

    I do this all the time and use the cloud daily - check my tutorial videos at youtube and search for ' Apple iOSGenius ' is my channel

    • Answered by Daniel F from Chicago
    • Dec 4, 2014