what ipad is best for creative suite 5.5

i'm a graphic design going back to school i was told an ipad can be use with creative suite 5.5 but not sure what one.

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    It would have to be a version of CS specially designed for the iPad, and there isn't one. Creative Suite is HUGE, needing lots of hard drive space as well as RAM. The iPad (and indeed ANY tablet) isn't equipped for this sort of software at the moment.

    If you've seen articles that make statements like the following:
    "The 5.5 version includes tools which lets content creators target the Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and the variety of Android tablets that are coming," this doesn't mean CS 5.5 can be USED on an iPad; it just means you can use it to create content that targets tablets.

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Laraine B
    • May 3, 2012