What is the best keyboard for iPad air?

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    The Logitech Fabrick Skin Foliio is an amazing keyboard case. The Keyboard is wonderful to type on but unlike the "built-like-a-tank" case for the iPad 2-4, the case for the iPad Air suffers terribly from a cracking issue. The left side plastic clip has a cut out for the power button and the plastic is too thin to last. I bought one and it cracked. Logitech replaced it but the replacement cracked. Love the keyboard but it has a fatal desgn flaw. Notice the posted reviews on Logitechs website. It's full of customers with cracked cases. Too bad really.

    • Answered by Heather Y from Apison
    • Jan 23, 2014
  • We are too obsessed with the "best" keyboard. While the "snaps on as a front cover" versions are super slick and blow us away as one integrated unit - in truth the iPad will pair with almost any inexpensive BlueTooth keyboard. I have use a Microsoft BlueTooth keyboard, an Amazon Basics, and two "snap on as front covers" (one the "hot thing of the moment" the Logitech).

    Rather than looking for a snap on front-cover keyboard, I recommend instead finding a keyboard with properly spaced keys and decent key travel - two things you aren't going to find with the reduced size keyboards that double up as front covers. Nowadays good accessory keyboards that DON'T snap on come with little folding origami stands to hold the iPad upright while you type. The best will tell you they are iPad compatible - and some will have accessory keys that work with the Apple iPad for common iPad functions.

    • Answered by William W from Emeryville
    • May 8, 2014
  • Maybe my answer can help you, I got the Logitech Bluetooth key board almost over a year .
    - black and silver colour
    -Keyboard illuminates if I need use it in dark places
    -switches instantly between Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, my iMac desktop , my Apple TV , for not to be long , you can use it with any Bluetooth
    Device, oh before I forget , is rechargeable at convenience, a charge last more than a month for me , so this Logitech Keyboard is more than useable, is adorable, and look beautiful. For $ 99 dollars you get Keyboard for long time and to use with any Bluetooth devices , and the most important to me is that I can carry it with me to use any where I go . think about it.

    • Answered by Luis R R from Toronto
    • Aug 18, 2014
  • I think Logitech is the best because of their cases. With logitech cases, some are compatible with Tech21's mesh case. I , personally use a
    smart cover with it but a logitech case will work just as well!

    • Answered by Miram L from Chicago
    • Oct 5, 2014
  • i have the zaggkey folio and the minisuit the zagg is by far better and my favorite!

    • Answered by Angela T K from Belchertown
    • Jul 8, 2014
  • belkin

    • Answered by Michael B from Gordonsville
    • Dec 25, 2013