What is the difference between the a5 and a6x processors in real terms?

Im looking into buying either the new ipad or the ipad mini but im nervous to buy the cheaper mini cause it has a inferior chip. Will this difference actually affect my user experience???

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    Truthfully, it might- it depends largely on what you use it for. My wife uses hers mostly for web/email and occasional ABC TV shows with the app - performs great according to her. I don't think there's a noticeable difference between the two, but battery life is definitely longer on the full size iPad given the diminutive size of the mini, the quoted battery life is not what you'd expect, but the screen brightness makes ALL the difference - drop brightness 30% and extend your battery life 30-40%. BTW - I am an AppleCare certified technician…with 4+ years CPU troubleshooting exp. so you can trust me on that!

    • Answered by Jonathan V from Youngsville
    • Jun 7, 2013