what is the difference of the ipad 3 and the new ipad with retina display?

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    In March 2012, Apple introduced the iPad 3rd-generation with Retina display. They called it "the new iPad".

    In October 2012, they introduced the iPad 4th-generation, with the same Retina display. They're now referring to the iPad as "iPad with Retina display".

    So in essence, both the third and fourth-gen iPads have Retina display. It's just the fourth-gen is much faster, sports the new Apple Lightning connector and supports more 4G LTE bands in the world. The differences are minimal. It's more of an iterative release than a revolutionary release.

    So to summarise the iPad line-up today:

    - iPad with Retina display (aka iPad fourth-gen)
    - iPad 2 (without Retina display, now two generations old)
    - iPad mini (the smaller iPad).]

    And the third-gen iPad is now no longer available, having been replaced by the fourth-gen. Think of it as the MacBook line-up, if you may. You have the MacBook Pro with Retina display, the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. One with Retina, one without, and one much smaller.

    • Answered by Adam L
    • Nov 4, 2012
  • There are 2 things that you know,1st is by name: the new iPad (3rd Generation) & the iPad with Retina display (4th Generation). if u want to know all the iPad's name, here is the list:
    1. iPad (1st Generation)
    2. iPad 2 (2nd Generation)
    3. The new iPad (3rd Generation)
    4. The iPad with Retina display (4th Generation)

    The new iPad (3rd Generation) & The iPad with Retina display (4th Generation) are same in physical. But in internal specifications, The iPad with Retina display (4th Generation) are A6x (2 times faster graphics and processor), also its a lightning connector same as in the iPhone 5, 4G LTE, the Personal Hotspot are enabled that you can use for sharing.

    • Answered by Jay Jay N
    • Dec 3, 2012