What should I expect when it comes to app availability on the ipad

I was given a kindle fire hd 7" by my wonderful boyfriend for our anniversary. He's watched me drool over tablets for months now and bemoan the immobility of my desktop. Though I'm a Mac girl (born and raised!) He wanted to support my reading addiction and not break the bank so he got the the newest kindle. I love his thoughtfulness but I am finding myself soooo frustrated with it!! I use gmail and google voice and YouTube and weight watchers daily or more -- and I can't get those apps on my kindle! It's incredibly frustrating so I'm thinking of returning his gift and paying the difference for an ipad mini, but I don't want to shell out the cash for more of the same types of problems. So I'm trying to figure out what apps the ipad restricts and how easy other things are like watching videos online. I need to be able to write (a huge addiction for me plus a money source) and I want to be able to use video links from websites like gorrilavid and sockshare (something I have to tweak and twist with each time I try on the kindle and usually just give up in frustration) I know I got wordy but I really want to get this right and cease being frustrated!! Thanks for all you do.

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