What will be better for a lot of typing, iPad mini or iPad2? Typing as in taking notes in classes or writing stories. Thanks!

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    if you can text fast on your iPhone by using both thumbs, then the iPad mini is the way to go. Both thumbs can reach all the characters so its not not much of an adjustment. The iPad can be tricky to type on because its too big for thumbs only typing yet too small for computer style typing. If you ask me, this is one of the best features of the new iPad mini. Typing becomes a breeze.

    • Answered by Andrew M from Statesboro
    • Dec 15, 2012
  • If you will use the keyboard on the screen, of course iPad2 will be better because the keyboard is bigger. However, you may buy the portable keyboard which may be connected to your iPad mini or iPad2, then it will be the same.

    • Answered by Anne Marie D from Las Pinas City
    • Dec 21, 2012
  • The iPad 2 has the feature of breaking up the keyboard, I find it very hard to type on the full screen one. If you put both thumbs on the iPad 2 keyboard when it appears and pull it away from each other you'll find it a lot easier to type.

    However, if you wish for the iPad to be 'portable' then the iPad mini is excellent for that. Both iPads have generally the same aspects of specification apart from one being a 9.7" screen and the other a 7.9" screen. Also, the charging points are different on both, if you have Apple products with the old 30 Pin Connector then stick with the iPad 2. But if you don't mind, then the iPad mini has the nice and very new Lightning connector.

    • Answered by Josh R
    • Jan 6, 2013