Whats the best apple combination if you are a student? I already have iPhone 4S!

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    So do I, and I bought an iPad, and now a MacBook Pro. But then I'm not a student. If you are looking for portability with all the features that would work for a student and you only have one budget, then go for MacBook Air; its quite light, portable and has all the necessary features you will need for school. The iPad has an amazing display which makes everything on it look good. But it's not completely practical for a student.

    The iPad is good for web browsing, pictures, email, iMessage. But if you have to do heavy word processing, graphics, programming, you cant do it here.

    You don't want a reason to wish you still had a regular computer, so get the Air.

    • Answered by Jacqueline U from Potomac
    • Apr 23, 2012