What's the difference in data packages between Verizon and ATT?

I don't know how to figure out how much data i use or will be using. I'm grandfathered in with ATT on data use (unlimited) but I'm upgrading my phone (from 3Gs to 4s) and also getting an iPad with cellular service. I've really disliked ATT, my contract is up, and my girlfriend and her 2 kids are on Verizon in the middle of their contract . . . and i would love to know if Verizon is the better choice (I live in Los Angeles), but i'm concerned about how much data use will cost me if i start streaming bigger stuff without the 'unlimited use' freedom.

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    With verizon, you have share everything. Thats it. So you are really limited and stuck paying limited prices. Everything is shared, 10 gb of data, unlimited talk and unlimited text (according to commercials). With AT&T, you have more freedom, you can go solo, family, or share everything. What you should do is see how much they use their phones and how much data everyone uses. If its approx 2 GB per person, you can go family plan (AT&T) and give everyone a certain amount of data and text and talk. If it varies by a huge range, go with the share everything plan.

    You should go to the coverage maps of both services and check out your area for LTE, and other connections. For a fact, I can tell you Verizon does have more 4G LTE coverage, AT&T having more 4G coverage and about the same amount of 3G coverage for both.

    Take a look at plans for both services, see which one saves you more money, and which one is an easier route to go to.

    • Answered by Matthew M from Chandler
    • Sep 21, 2012