when I'm comparing all the ipad models in apple store, I only see ipad2, ipad mini, and ipad with retina display. what's up with ipad3 & 4?

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    Apple doesn't actually call anything ipad3 or ipad4. When ipad3 came out, they simply called it "The new ipad with retina display".. When ipad4 came out, they called it the same as the ipad3. You can quickly tell a 3 from a 4 by the dock connector. If it's the classic connector, then you're looking at a 3.

    • Answered by James S from Calgary
    • Nov 12, 2012
  • The iPad with retina display is the iPad 4 and the iPad 3 is now call the iPad refurbished

    • Answered by Zebedeo M from Los Angeles
    • Nov 11, 2012