when in my car, how an I get driving directions or email on my Ipad2?

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  • To get driving directions or access your email, you must be connected to a wi-fi network or be connected to a 3G network, which some ipads have as an extra feature. However, if you don't have a wi-fi +cellular model ipad, you unfortunately cannot access these while in the car.

    If you do have a cellular model, you can access the Map directions from either asking Siri where you would like to go, or do as follows: maps>Search or enter address(top)>information(little I button on the destination you are asking directions for)>directions to here>Enter your starting position and then you're good to go!

    Email:you must have a cellular model for this too; on the home screen, go to the mail app and then it will ask you to choose a site where you use your email, then you must enter your email and all the emails you have will load on to it and new ones will start coming in there.

    • Answered by Chris S from Seaford
    • Feb 3, 2015