Which iPad is best for a 4th grade student? He has dysgraphia and needs to use a keyboard.

My child is very bright, but needs to integrate technology to help him write successfully. I am interested in loading educational apps, as well as word processing and possible voice activated apps. He is going to be 10. If I buy the less expensive iPad, will it be able to manage all of this well?

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    Lauren - From an iPAD perspective, to handle all the programs you want to load, and execute, you would need the 64MB unit. I am not even sure the IPAD woudl be your best solution due to certain limitations. You could then go to zagg.com, and get a case WITH a keyboard.
    My recommendation, if you have an Apple store close to you, please visit it first to discuss you and your child's needs, which are the most important consideration in this case.
    Disucss with the Apple representive what computer solution would work best, and whether or not that would be a Mac book PRO, or maybe a desktop IMAC.
    Either way, this one on one assist would help to guarantee that your child, and you, gets the best possible LONG term solution.
    Bless you, and your son or daughter. It will be worth the effort!

    • Answered by Michael G from Minnetonka
    • Jul 3, 2012