Which iPad is the best option for myself?

Good evening my fellow Apple friends,

I come to you in a bout of my last hope. Since the release of the iPad mini, I've been debating constantly which one i should purchase. I've come to the point where a tablet is something that would be beneficial to my work. Here are some things about me and what I'm looking for:

- I'm a student at Columbia College Chicago, double majoring in graphic design and photography. Therefore, a tablet would be very helpful with portfolio presentation.
- Since I am a student, to carry my 15" MBP can be a pain from class to class. I take notes almost all through the cloud, so easy typing is good.
- just recently, I took my first bus ride home from Chicago to Ann Arbor. I spent the whole time reading on my iPhone because I forgot my pencils to sketch some project ideas and had to connect my iPhone to my laptop for battery, since we were on a charter bus with no outlets.
- I love to read, a lot, when I have the opportunity.
- I love drawing, but not physically (I make a lot of mistakes so computer drawing and the undo function has become my best friend)
- I play games occasionally
- I work almost always out of my bed.
- I'm pretty app heavy, mostly productivity apps.
- I write more of my papers on my iPhone than my computer because its just much more convent to get a head start on the train than wait until I get home to pull out my computer.

I travel a lot between classes in the city and I come home (to Michigan) when I can, which is most likely flying during non-holiday seasons. Reading that about myself, I would personally tell myself to get the larger iPad, but maybe someone else knows something that I don't that could benefit my journey. I lean toward the mini simply because I THINK I'll be able to sketch just fine on it, but I'm not sure. I also don't like how heavy the newest iPad is.

Sorry it's a lot!
Y'all are my last hope before I go crazy!

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