which ipad model should i get?

I am a college student as well as a photographer and small business owner. I will be using my ipad to show my portfolio and photographs to people, taking notes in class, reading textbooks/studying, watching movies, and playing some games (the flight back home is long and I need something to entertain me).

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    I think that you should defiantly get a regular sized iPad then. I am also very involved in photography and I think that pictures look much better on a larger screen. Also depending on how you plan to take notes, I would also recommend against getting an iPad mini, especially if you we're going to handwrite everything. The only reason I would choose the iPad mini over a regular sized iPad is if you especially needed it to be smaller. Hope this helped!

    • Answered by Avery C from Bloomington
    • Dec 20, 2012
  • I suggest you get an ipad 2 if you want a large ipad and it has a lot of new features like ios 7, back camera and front camera. You get the new battery that actually saves energy which is actually good for you. I bet you would like it if you did get it. So in conclusion I think that you will like the Ipad 2. It is definitely good

    • Answered by Mark O from Rockville Center
    • Mar 1, 2014