Which Mac Book is the best choice for a college student who has to write copiously and read voraciously?

I'm a junior in college and my double major pursuit(s) require me to read a lot of downloaded material and write a lot. I do not utilize social media sites and I would not describe myself as an avid gamer. I am really only looking for a device that would assist me best in downloading material quickly, has the best internet connectivity, and allows me to use programs for video conferences and Skype. So, at the very least, I do know that I need a Mac Book with a retina display.

1 Answer from the Community

  • Good question! In my opinion, you should go with the 15 inch 2.0 GHz i7 Retina, that should suit you college needs. On the gaming side I doubt you'll be able to play any intense games just because its not in the Mac's genes.

    • Answered by Matt S from Deerfield Beach
    • Mar 19, 2014