Cameras in 6s compared to 7

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  • The rear cameras are both 12mp in size. The 7 has OIS, Optical Image Stabilization, meaning the lens itself moves to stabilize an image. The iPhone 6s has digital stabilization meaning software stabilizes the shot. The iPhone 7 has an f/1.8 and the iPhone 6s has an f/2.2 which results in slightly better low light image capturing on the iPhone 7. There also is a quad LED Flash on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s is dual LED flash.
    The Selfie camera on the iPhone 7 is 7mp and the iPhone 6s is 5mp.

    Lastly the iPhone 7 captures a wider cinematic color range than the iPhone 6s.

    Also the 7 Plus has 2 cameras. Which allows for optical zoom, the lens physically zooming in.

    The 6s Plus only has 1 camera like the 6s which the only difference being is the 6s Plus has OIS like the 7 and 7 Plus.

    • Answered by Dylan R from Monmouth
    • Mar 1, 2017