can a unlocked iphone 5 purchased from apple store work with a local sim in india. the carrier is "vodaphone"

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    Yes a Contract Free Unlocked Iphone 5 works in India on Vodaphone ! infact it works with all the carriers in India !
    the Only Drawback of buying in the US and using it in India is that the Apple reseller in India will not service it in India incase of Problems !

    you need to decide ! I bought mine in the USA Iphone 5 32 GB for US$749 ...... In India it costs about US$200 More !

    I have never needed any repairs with any of my apple devices ever ! the quality is that good ! But if you do damage it somehow the warranty will be valid only outside of India ...... I do travel to the USA often so I don't have a problem .....

    • Answered by Rushad V from Chicago
    • Jun 12, 2013