Can I buy a iphone 4s

Hello!!! I do not live in America. I live in Kazakhstan. Can I buy a iphone 4s 16 GB for 199$ which with a network carrier, and will it work in another country? Or do I need iphone 4s for 649$. What is this sprint, verizon, at&t? Explained to please.

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    Ok,as you are saying that will it work in the another country? No not at all because iPhones are designed for the specific networks and they work with their matching networks. Yes you need to buy a carrier free iPhone 4S which will cost you nearly about $600 and that will be (factory unlock) and will work on all networks worldwide. Sprint,Verizon and AT&T these are the US networks carriers specially for iPhone.

    • Answered by Valentino S from Spanaway
    • Oct 29, 2012