Can I come in and trade in a broke iPhone 4 for a new one


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    In America they usually let you. But they charge you a service fee based on the damage.
    My iPod nano (retail $150) had water damage. The digitizer went out, but it still played music. They charged me $80, and swapped it for a new one.
    The port connector to charge my iPod Touch broke off. (retail $179) They charged me $100 and gave me a new one.
    Again, this is in America. You should visit an Apple Store and find out.

    • Answered by Andres Jr T from Yuma
    • Aug 7, 2013
  • Ideally you need to take the iphone into a registered Apple service centre for assessment, under standard manufacturer's warranty normally liquid and impact damage aren't covered, but it depends on the assessment the technician's can come back with - if it is replaced, usually the iphone will be a refurbished model and there is normally a fee for assessing the damage and for the replacement model - but this may differ per country, so best to head in and have a chat with them :D

    • Answered by Jo T from Ballarat
    • Aug 22, 2013