can i get a nano sim card from verzion and put it in a factory unlocked iphone 5 usa and have 4g lte and unlimtied data plan.

If i get a Factory unlocked iphone 5 in the u.s.a will it work with any provider that has a gsm and a cdma nanao sim card with 4g lte. and is so what companies have the nano sim card were i can get activatied in the u.s in virginia. and one more question? do they have a option for data plan with unlimtied texting and talking. thanks for your time.

1 Answer from the Community

  • In theory any nano-sim from any provider in the world will work in the iPhone 5.

    As for obtaining the various data plans you require, this is something you would need to discuss with your local mobile phone service providers.

    • Answered by Paul C
    • Mar 29, 2013