Can I get iPhone from the UAE store that has Facetime?

I am an expat living in the UAE but whose job demands that he travels round the globe.
Interested in buying an iPhone 5S within the week but was told by my colleague that iPhones ordered from the Apple Store in the UAE do not have Facetime.
Please clarify as inability to obtain an iPhone with Facetime app in the UAE store will be a deal breaker for me.

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    iPhones bought from UAE does not have Facetime "application", and when you install local UAE sim card, facetime calling options will not appear in contacts details.
    but if u travel to another country that normally does not block facetime and install their local sim card, facetime calling option will appear in contact details, not the facetime application.

    • Answered by Sameh S from New Cairo
    • Oct 9, 2014
  • I bought one and it does not have one

    • Answered by Thomas C from Dubai
    • Oct 9, 2014